Sound effects, gear, pedals…

What I real­ly want­ed to write about is this:

If any­body cares to know what tech­ni­cal equip­ment I use to con­struct and record these lav­ish sound­scapes and effort­less­ly deliv­ered vocal acro­bat­ics, I have just start­ed set­ting up a new web­site about gui­tar effects.

Of course they are only part of what I’m using, but they’re what I like best about being a gui­tar-play­ing sing/­song­writer/­self-recorder. It is not only the soundy they can cre­ate, it is also the optics, the colours, the stur­dy chas­sis, the knobs, the met­al feel…

Truth be told, they remind me of my old sev­en­ties Match­box die-cast toy cars. Same range of colours, same over-the-top-ness, same sound even. Some of them. And they’re so collectable!

Here’s he link to the site, it is called Phaser­wall.


Vist my new site Phaserwall: Sound files and images of my guitar effects pedals collection

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