Sound effects, gear, pedals…

What I really wanted to write about is this:

If anybody cares to know what technical equipment I use to construct and record these lavish soundscapes and effortlessly delivered vocal acrobatics, I have just started setting up a new website about guitar effects.

Of course they are only part of what I’m using, but they’re what I like best about being a guitar-playing sing/songwriter/self-recorder. It is not only the soundy they can create, it is also the optics, the colours, the sturdy chassis, the knobs, the metal feel…

Truth be told, they remind me of my old seventies Matchbox die-cast toy cars. Same range of colours, same over-the-top-ness, same sound even. Some of them. And they’re so collectable!

Here’s he link to the site, it is called Phaserwall.


Vist my new site Phaserwall: Sound files and images of my guitar effects pedals collection

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