Two Years Later

The next morning it had rained into the ashes.

Now it’s almost two years since I started this site. I had hoped to put in a lot of my own music, lots of videos, plenty of words. It didn’t quite work out as expected.

A lot has changed since then: First I quit smoking, then I quit my job. While I sorely miss the first one, I cannot say I miss the second very much. Some of the people there, yes. The money, sometimes.

I have been living in an open field ever since. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but there you are – sometimes it doesn’t take much to pull you through.

There was rain of course. There were days, even weeks, without food or beverages. There was always a drop of water to rely on. That’s more than some can say about their surroundings.

There wasn’t much possibility in the way of recording, or access to the internet. The internet that I had hoped might make the world a better place. Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe its the downfall of modern democracy, due to greed, irresponsibility, lack of conscience.

We’ll see, won’t we?


  1. What are these cars in the background of your avatar Image? Looks like mid-sixties to me. Are you sure you were born in Hamburg?

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