This site is about unknown singer/songwriter Paul Gless, born in a box and raised in oblivion to the world outside, except for the Beatles’ White Album which was playing constantly on his sister’s record player. Right until the moment when she exchanged it for Duran Duran’s “Duran Duran”. Did we mention that?

Paul Gless was born in the early Seventies in a little town called Songbuettel, situated close to Hamburg (Germany) on working days but completely isolated during the weekend.

His parents left when he was only four years old but, to their credit, took him with them. They settled in Wales, then France, then Canada and a few other places that the boy would not remember in later life. From there it was only a small step to old age and – finally – fame.

We are still trying to find out what happened after they moved back to Switzerland. Paul himself is rather reticent about the past in general. But we are pretty sure to find out in the end. At the moment we are trying to obtain his birth certificate to find out about the exact date of birth and the mysterious middle name.

What middle name?

Paul C. Gless.





Anyway, we’ll start at the beginning as this is usually considered best practice.

When Paul was born the world was still young to his ears and mind. Cars were reliable, skies were overcast as mostly they should be, the sun was a rare sight welcomed by all but the too-hardened-of-heart.

At the tender age of seventeen Paul joined a band of raucous and rebellious folk musicians. When their rebelliousness became too overbearing they exchanged their acoustic guitars for electric ones, and then things really began to roll.

Paul Gless singing one of his soft-spoken tunes, accompanied by his feet tapping confidently along...
Paul Gless playing one of his last concerts, probably at the Hanover art school for the middle classes in late 1985.


Find out what happened next…

Here’s what happened next: strings broke, the band split, the school closed, Paul went away, the world he left behind moved on.