This site is about unknown singer/songwriter Paul Gless, born in a box and raised in obliv­ion to the world out­side, except for the Bea­t­les’ White Album which was play­ing con­stant­ly on his sister’s record play­er. Right until the moment when she exchanged it for Duran Duran’s “Duran Duran”. Did we men­tion that?

Paul Gless was born in the ear­ly Sev­en­ties in a lit­tle town called Song­buet­tel, sit­u­at­ed close to Ham­burg (Ger­many) on work­ing days but com­plete­ly iso­lat­ed dur­ing the weekend.

His par­ents left when he was only four years old but, to their cred­it, took him with them. They set­tled in Wales, then France, then Cana­da and a few oth­er places that the boy would not remem­ber in lat­er life. From there it was only a small step to old age and — final­ly — fame.

We are still try­ing to find out what hap­pened after they moved back to Switzer­land. Paul him­self is rather ret­i­cent about the past in gen­er­al. But we are pret­ty sure to find out in the end. At the moment we are try­ing to obtain his birth cer­tifi­cate to find out about the exact date of birth and the mys­te­ri­ous mid­dle name.

What mid­dle name?

Paul C. Gless.





Any­way, we’ll start at the begin­ning as this is usu­al­ly con­sid­ered best practice.

When Paul was born the world was still young to his ears and mind. Cars were reli­able, skies were over­cast as most­ly they should be, the sun was a rare sight wel­comed by all but the too-hardened-of-heart.

At the ten­der age of sev­en­teen Paul joined a band of rau­cous and rebel­lious folk musi­cians. When their rebel­lious­ness became too over­bear­ing they exchanged their acoustic gui­tars for elec­tric ones, and then things real­ly began to roll.

Paul Gless singing one of his soft-spoken tunes, accompanied by his feet tapping confidently along...
Paul Gless play­ing one of his last con­certs, prob­a­bly at the Hanover art school for the mid­dle class­es in late 1985.


Find out what hap­pened next…

Here’s what hap­pened next: strings broke, the band split, the school closed, Paul went away, the world he left behind moved on.