Half a year later…

Time pass­es!!!

It’s unbe­liev­able but it real­ly does. It was March then, now it’s Sep­tem­ber. No, October.

Wait, now that I look at the cal­en­dar more close­ly it becomes apper­ent that… It is def­i­nite­ly Novem­ber, we’re deep into autumn, win­ter is approach­ing (this is cen­tral Europe), and sum­mer is long gone.

Even though it was a very long sum­mer, as peo­ple all over the con­ti­nent will con­firm. It was long, it was hot, it was too dry to men­tion. Maybe there is some­thing wrong with the weath­er, it feels like it’s chang­ing. Not in the way they used to say, “the weath­er is chang­ing”. More pro­found­ly, more gen­er­al. I can­not real­ly explain.

Maybe some­day some­body will do some research on this phe­nom­e­non. Then maybe it will be proven that it was­n’t just a vague notion I had back in the ear­ly 21st century.