Well okay, this might just be the end of it…

As you may have noticed, 2018 has passed and we haven’t heard any­thing new. Win­ter is gone with­out a song or even a rhyme. Spring we’ve left behind and there weren’t any sight­ings of our lit­tle song­writer and joueur de gui­tare. Sum­mer is over and — nothing.

And now he texted us. O delight! O grace and praise and thought­ful­ness! Said he’s going back to France and that’s it.

Sold all his gui­tars, is work­ing at a fruit stall now. Organ­i­cal­ly grown mechan­dise. Fruits et legumes.

Back to France! He ISN’T from France, nev­er has been. He’s as Swiss as you and me, mind you!

And to make mat­ters worse, the gui­tars he’s sell­ing, he bought them with the mon­ey we lent him. We are hav­ing some­body search for him. Should be in the Cotentin region. Always had a pen­chant for murky sur­round­ings. We’d bet­ter stop before we get car­ried away.…

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