Well okay, this might just be the end of it…

As you may have noticed, 2018 has passed and we haven’t heard anything new. Winter is gone without a song or even a rhyme. Spring we’ve left behind and there weren’t any sightings of our little songwriter and joueur de guitare. Summer is over and – nothing.

And now he texted us. O delight! O grace and praise and thoughtfulness! Said he’s going back to France and that’s it.

Sold all his guitars, is working at a fruit stall now. Organically grown mechandise. Fruits et legumes.

Back to France! He ISN’T from France, never has been. He’s as Swiss as you and me, mind you!

And to make matters worse, the guitars he’s selling, he bought them with the money we lent him. We are having somebody search for him. Should be in the Cotentin region. Always had a penchant for murky surroundings. We’d better stop before we get carried away….

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