The Year 2000

…he even tried to pitch a few songs to record com­pa­nies and the like.
We knew his approach was wrong when we read his letters:

Dear com­pa­ny whatever,
instead of post­ing my best song ever, as every­body elso pre­sum­ably does, I thought it would suit your needs bet­ter if I sent you some­thing mediocre that has been sit­ting on the shelf for a while.
After all, a suc­cess­ful album does­n’t con­sist entire­ly of smash hits, there have to be some fillers as well.
And this one is a real filler as you will find out if you open the thick lay­er of cling­film that I wrapped around the lit­tle touchy and slith­ery object inside the enor­mous par­cel I sent …

Some­how it did­n’t work out.